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 Kill Bill

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PostSubject: Kill Bill    Kill Bill  I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 22, 2010 5:44 pm

Oh man I still love these movies.

I remember being 11 and watching Pulp Fiction for the first time knowing nothing about became one of my favorite movies, and then I had to watch Tarantino's other movies, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, From Dusk Til Dawn--and then I'm sitting in the movie theatre and this trailer comes on:

And I had to see these movies, so I talked my parents into taking me to the first one, and they hated it...but I loved it, especially the final battle.

The second one doesn't hold up near as well for me but it's still got some fantastic scenes and yeah the scene where she finally kills Bill--they nailed it.

I heard that Tarantino's already hard at work on Vol. 3, which has me excited.
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Kill Bill
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